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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY ASSOCIATION Photograph Archive #2 - The people of the SDR

This page has approximately 90 images of people who have contributed to building the South Devon Railway over time so we present here the images as thumbnails.  Due to the number of images the page may take a few moments to load.

Scrolling over the thumbnail will produce a full size image.  In order to view them easily it is recommended that the row of thumbnails is scrolled to the top of your browser window so they can just be seen.  Scrolling along the line of thumbnails will then produce each fullsize image in turn.

Please note that if the full size image covers the thumbnail the next image cannot be viewed!

Bill Wright and the recently purchased bushcutter at Littlehempston.  November 1988 - by Peter Treglown. (B105)

Posers Elliott & Keohane pretending to be wax dummies in the booking office at LIttlehempson.
2nd October 1993.  Photo: Les Hawkins

Richard Elliott and Brian Cocks converse at Buckfastleigh. July 1992.  Photo: Peter Treglown

The Station Master has his doorway receiving maintenance.  Date ?  Photo: ?

Norman Batstone working on one of the exernal doors for Littlehempston Riverside station.  Circa 1989.  Photo: Peter Treglown (B108)
Bill Wright & strimmer John Keohane & Richard Elliott Richard Elliott & Brian Cocks Buckfastleigh Station Norman Batstone

The 9111 clearance test train at Littlehempston - Norman Stone praying to the god of axleboxes.
13th February 1992.  Photo: Peter Clemo. (B117)

An early DVRA Dinner?  Date ?  Copyright Herald Express

Alan Tyrie, Ron Reynolds, Richard Bruford, Gary Churchwood, Bob Hill, Mike Thompson,
Jim Kelly, Les Hawkins, Gavin Bishop.  Date ?  Photo: ?

The DVRA BBQ at Staverton. Recognise the family? 14th September 1990.  Photo: Les Hawkins

Mr & Mrs Bill Cooper. 1993. Photo: Pete Privett
Norman Stone An early DVRA dinner DMU at Littlehempston DVRA BBQ at Staverton Mr & Mrs Bill Cooper

The SDR Trust Directors after the AGM. Bill Wright, Dave Long, Alan Taylor, Richard Elliott and Barry Porter.  2nd October 1993.  Photo: Les Hawkins

A secret meeting of Trust directors after the Trust AGM. Barry Porter is tired out.  2nd October 1993.  Photo: Les Hawkins

Mobile sardine can (actually Glendower groups Wickham) at Littlehempston Station awaiting the weedkilling train.
Richard Elliott, Dave Knowling, with Gavin Bishop in the driving seat.  4th April 1991.  Photo: Les Hawkins

Keith Smith and Nick Perring at the Hood Bridge PW Hut.  March 1992.  Photo: ?

Dave Knowling, Ron Reynolds, Richard Elliott and Christopher.  June 1990.  Photo: ?
SDRT Trust Board 1992 Glendower Wickham Hood Bridge 1638 on shed

Ashley Burgess? with Bob Saunders.  2nd October 1965.  Photo: Ken Mould

Owen Nockolds & Brian Ford at rest in King George.  Summer 1991.  Photo: ?

Alan Tyrie, Mike Thompson, Bob Hill, and Jim Kelly jacking and packing.  Date ?  Photo: ?

Guy Henderson, of the Herald Express.  2nd May 1990.  Photo: Barry Read. (B109)

Peter Cocks - "Voice of Ashburton".  6th May 1991.  Photo: Len Rosier. (Bulliver 120)
Ashley Burgess & Bob Saunders Owen Nockolds & Brian Ford PWay Gang Guy Henderson Peter Cocks

Mike Thompson blows for the 12.20 ex Buckfastleigh 22nd July 1992.  Photo: ? (B119)

Karen Slater of Totnes Times. 20 April 1990.  Photo: Brian Jones. (B109)

London Group Chairman Gavin Bishop receives the K&WVR award from the
Duke of Gloucester 24th November 1992.  Photo: Alan Taylor

Dave Knowling and Alan Gosling.  15th April 1989.  Photo: ?

Brian Cocks.  Date ?  Photo: ?
Mike Thompson Karen Slater Gavin Bishop Dave Knowling & Alan Gosling Brian Cocks

Norman Stone, Roger Bealing, Nick & Julie Perring, Bill Wright, Gary Churchward.  15th April 1989.  Photo: ?

Ray Williams.  Date ?  Photo: David Kelland

David Potter & Mike Webb.  Date ?  Photo: David Kelland

Julie Perring - probably the first female Guard on the line.  Autumn 1995.  David Kelland

Norman Stone.  Date ?  Photo: ?
Norman Stone & others Ray Williams Ray Williams & Mike Webb Julie Perring Norman Stone

Dennis Searle.  Date 1987?  Photo: David Kelland. (B138)

Rob White.  Date ?  Photo: ?

Mark Parrott cutting back at Buckfastleigh.  Date 1996?  Photo: ?

The S&T gang unloading troughing from BR wagons at Paper Mill bridge. Is the person on the ground nearest the
camera who we think it is?  13th July 1991.  Photo: Les Hawkins (B117)

Richard Elliott awaits the elusive phone call at the Stavteron BBQ. David Wootton suggests he
should get a new fangled mobile phone.  13th July 1991.  Photo: Les Hawkins
Dennis Searle Rob White Mark Parrott S & T Gang Richard Elliott

Gavin Bishop and Richard Elliott inspect Bill Wright's burnt offerings.  13th July 1991.  Photo: Les Hawkins

Mayoress of Totnes, Winifred Murch, Joan Setter (cafe & wife of Mayor of Buckfastleigh),
Ken Setter (Mayor of Buckfastleigh), Bob Murch (Mayor of Totnes), Chris Woodland,
Alan Tyrie.  Easter 1991.  Photo: ?

Richard Elliott, Bob Murch (Mayor of Totnes), Bill Cooper, and Carol Taylor. Littlehempston Station on the
occasion of the first "South Devon Railway" public train, Good Friday 29th March 1991.  Photo: Les Hawkins (B119)

Bill Probert. Congratulations on your 80th birthday here seen resting at Staverton.  Date: ?  Photo: David kelland

Owen Nockolds, of the C & W department.  2nd March 1997.  Photo: ?
Mayors of Buckfastleigh and Totnes GavinBishop & Richard Elliott Mayor of Totnes Bill Probert at 80 Owen Nockolds

The board and guests on their line inspection 17th May 1996. Brian Cocks, Dave Long,
Chris Stokes, Alan Taylor, Richard Elliott, Geoff Peacock.  Photo: Bill Wright. (B133)

Bill Probert.  Date ?  Photo: David Kelland

Richard Bentley & Nick Perring.  14th October 1995.  Photo: ?

Major General Errol Lonsdale unveiling the nameplates on "his" engine.  This was originally
No. 196 on the Longmoor Military Railway.  12th June 1993.  Photo: Bill Wright. (B123)

Dave Knowling proudly shows the evidence of the Royal Air Raid Shelter uncovered during cutting back efforts at Woodville. He is standing on the cinder path laid in the cess to give the Royal feet a smooth passage in the dark. In the hole in the bank are remains of sandbags used as a blast wall. The main entrance, filled in after the war, was in the embankment under the trees.  Date: 21st March 1994.  Photo: Alan Taylor.
SDR Trust Board Bill Probert Richard Bentley & Nick Perring Maj. Gen. Errol Lonsdale Dave Knowling

Alan Cash & Dave Knowling - who said they only wore
grease tops?  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Jo Stokes.  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

Richard Pettifer, Guard on the Locomotion special.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Mike Webb, Brian Cox & Alan Kitson.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Gary Churchward ready to take the 127 DMU evening RiverRail
back to Buckfastleigh. August 1996.  Photo: David Kelland. (B134)
Alan Cash & Dave Knowling Jo Stokes Richard Pettifer Mike Webb, Brian Cocks & Alan Kitson Gary Churchward

Jo Stokes.  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

Bill Probert & Arnold Hyde. 15th June 1991. Photo: Richard Axford.

The power behind the restoration of King George, Norman Stone.
Date:1992.  Photo: Bill Wright. (B118)

Bill Wright, marshal for the vintage vehicles rally.
Date: 1996?  Photo: David Kelland

Ted Parrott and Geoff Bond.  28th September 2007.  Photo: Rev. David Hardy
Jo Stokes Arnold Hyde & Bill Probert Norman Stone Bill Wright Ted Parrott & Geoff Bond

Richard Pettifer gives the right away for the Locomotion
special.  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

Terry Webber at Staverton.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Jim Kelly & Barry Gilbert show what the best dressed young
men of Buckfastleigh are wearing.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

The GM shovelling a little ballast after the Wednesday gang had relayed a short length
of track at Totnes three days before the spring bank holiday 1996. Photo David Kelland.

Geoff Bond affixes the tail lamp on 28th September 2007.  Photo: Rev. David Hardy
Richard Pettifer Terry Webber Jim Kelly & Barry Gilbert Richard Elliott Geoff Bond

A meeting of Directors? Charles Hulbert, Amy and Fred Milton, Dick Dinwiddy, ?,
David Salisbury.  11th Dec 1967.  Photo: Ken Mould. (B102 & B106)

Laura replenishing oil lamps, taken from Toad on route Staverton to Buckfastleigh.
September 1997.  Photo: Peter Exell

Bill Wright.  Date 1996.  Photo: David Kelland

Totnes MP, Anthony Steen pictured before taking the 11.15am Santa train with the
Mayor & wife & MP's wife.  8th December 1991.  Photo: Richard Axford

Jim Kelly started to work for the GWR in 1947 at Heathfield. After 50 years he sees GW return
a far cry from when he was station lad.  26th April 1997.  Photo: David Kelland. (B137)
Charles Hulbert Laura Keogh Bill Wright Anthony Steen MP Jim Kelly

L to R Alan Tyrie, Chris Woodland, Alan Taylor.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland

Alan Waldron.  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

S & T specialist Nick Perring.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Julie Perring - ready to serve the needs of the wheel tappers and shunters club, tea and
breakfast for plate layers and others at a special event.  Photo: ?

On the occasion of the first SDR train, L to R Mayor of Totnes Bob Murch, Joan Setter,
Mayoress of Totnes Winifred Murch, Ken Setter (Mayor of Buckfastleigh), Alan Taylor.
29th March 1991.  Photo: ?
Alan Tyrie, Chris Woodland & Alan Taylor Alan Waldron Nick Perring Julie Perring Mayors of Buckfastleigh and Totnes

Enjoying a holiday break at Llangollen away from the South Devon Railway are Mike Smoker,
David Alcock, Glenys Smoker and Richard Elliott.  Date Summer 2005.  Photo: ? (B169)

Graham Bates.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?

Rodney Cox, Mike Webb and ? looking intently at what?  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?

Mark Ireland plays his electric organ on board the Carols Down the Line train.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland

Chris Pollard and Matthew Tarrant raking in the newly delivered manure.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?
Mike Smoker, David Alcock, Glenys Smoker & Richard Elliott Graham Bates Rodney Cox & Mike Webb Mark Ireland Chris Pollard & Mathew Tarrant

Colin Kerswill and David Herd with visiting engine 813.
Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?

A Totnes Group Barbecue. ?, Allan Lovegrove, David Alcock, Mike Smoker and Sally Corah.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Allan Lovegrove and Chris Mackenzie Thorpe seem to be preparing some
culinary delight for the troops.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?

Allan Cash and Brian Cocks on 1369.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?

Ray Gurney, Graham Glanville, Brian Cocks, Brian Clacy, Rob Le Chevalier and
Allan Cash lean on 1369.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?
Colin Kerswill & David Herd ?, Allan Lovegrove, David Alcock, Mike Smoker & Sally Corah Allan Lovegrove & Chris Mackenzie Thorpe Allan Cash & Brian Cocks Ray Gurney, Graham Glanville, Brian Cocks, Brian Clacey, Rob Le Chevalier & Allan Cash

BR(W) 7827 "Lydham Manor" crew are Andy Matthews and Peter Roach, seen here at Churston
on 2nd September 1988.  Photo: Mark Wilkins.

BR(W) 7827 "Lydham Manor" crew, Andy Matthews and Carl Pittam
pose for the camera at Churston on 2nd September 1988.  Photo: Mark Wilkins.

Veronica Ashton and Ted Parrott at the SDR Railway at War event 2008.  Photo: Dave Kelland.

Ted Parrott waits to wave the green flag at Staverton.
28th September 2007.  Photo: Rev. David Hardy.

The infamous PW gang at Totnes Riverside on 31st January 1970. Ashley Burgess, Martin Dinneen, John Brodribb. Alfie Perry, Leaper, Barry Cogar, Adrian Wadlow, Peter Bailey and George Colbourne.  Photo: Rob Woodman. (B10)
Andy Mathews & Peter Roach Andy Mathews & Carl Pittam Veronica Ashton & Ted Parrott Ted Parrott PWay Gang

Pete Brown, coal delivery man, Barbecue cook and sometimes resident of Littlehempston,
studies the share prices, near Hood Bridge.  Date: ?  Photo: Peter Exell

Staverton group L to R: Ray Williams, Dennis Searle, Peter Privett, Jenny Hobbs, Don Gibson,
Arnold Hyde, Peter Exell, Gordon Hall, Nora Farley, Bill Probert.  July 1994.  Photo: ?
Pete Brown Staverton Group

If you are interested in any of the pictures above or can help us fill in the blanks such as date, subject or photographer then please stating the picture description and location in the page (row and column).  Many thanks.

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