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QR Code two dimensional barcode QR Code two dimensional barcode
The Quick Code - unaltered The Quick Code - with logo

The above images are a two dimensional barcode which was designed by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994 to track components between the manufacturer and the customer as part of the vehicle manufactures’ desire to have components delivered “Just in Time”.  They are very versatile and can be used to communicate many data types simply.

This Quick Reference Code will allow mobile ’phone users with an inbuilt camera to quickly access this web site so on pages that are likely to be printed we'll be adding this QR Code image to the bottom of the page.

In order to read the two dimensional barcode above you need to have a decoder on you mobile ’phone.  Many of the latest ’phones have the ability to read these codes as supplied but for users of older ’phones decoder software will need to be downloaded to your ’phone.
In order to read our QR codes please ensure you have the latest decoder on your ’phone.

As can be seen from the images above the error correction is high enough to insert a simple logo in the centre of the QR code. The important thing is to keep away from the corner markers !

Please note that by decoding the above graphic and following the result you will taken to our web site for which you will be charged by your mobile provider at your standard network rates unless you are using WiFi.  Please note we now have a site wide WiFi service at Buckfastleigh.

Visitors to our museum at Buckfastleigh will find these QR codes appearing on the exhibit descriptions so they can use their smart ’phones to obtain further information relating to the object on display.

(Please Note the South Devon Railway is not responsible for any damage that may occur by visiting third partyy sites, downloading or using third party software).

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