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The Totnes Station group of the South Devon Railway Association took over from London and Home Counties Group once the station site had been formally handed over to the South Devon Railway Trust.
The group are responsible for the staffing and maintenance of the station site with its disparate collection of former Great Western Railway buildings rescued from around the region.

One of the joys of operating this station is the proximity to the main line with its varied selection of trains, a true enthusiast's paradise. The group raises funds by selling books & magazines from the ex GWR "Monster" No 594 which is located in the Bay Platform.

This is how the Main Station building looked before its move to Devon.
Toller Porcorum in the 1970's from Angelo Hornak Photo Library
Toller Porcorum today as Totnes Riverside, seen from National Railways

Click Here to see more photographs on how the original Station Building was moved from Dorset to Devon and the work involved in its re-building into what can be seen to-day

August 2002 saw the erection of a gate across the Network Rail connection to the SDR. In the background can be seen the Rare Breeds farm which opened on the Queen's Jubilee Weekend. The Farm is open every day when trains are running and includes a "Children's Pets Corner".

This connection to Railtrack was used during 2002 to allow an Amey-Seco Tamper to access the Branch for training purposes. The tamper remained on the SDR for a two week period during which it Tamped almost the entire length of the branch line.

The Totnes Station Group have their own website with information on their specific activities.

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