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December News Update

Two new wagons have arrived for use on the Railway. All that is currently known about them is that they were built in 1957 for use as Ferry Wagons.
They have been acquired for use by two departments on the railway for use as Stores Wagons and will be based wherever they are required.
If anyone has the history of these vehicles please contact the

The following information has been received from Ben Williams who runs the DPTnet Website
Both wagons have mainly been used with the prototype class 151 DMUs in the Derby area although I think they were also taken abroad with the BREL International Train as seen in the attached links:

Wagon 889009
Wagon 889015
BSI Coupling
Detail of the BSI couplings added when these became barrier vehicles

Present situation.

Wagon 889009 on SDR
Wagon 889015 on SDR
The ferry wagons as now parked at Totnes Littlehempston station
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