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Wickham Motor Trolley
WLS PWM3767 Glendower London Group (Ford) London Group (Bernard)
Three Wickham Convoy

The Worcester Locomotive Society, which has its rolling stock based at Buckfastleigh, outshopped its Wickham Trolley PWM3767 after a comprehensive overhaul. It was damaged sometime ago when it ran over a log that fell off a vehicle it was propelling and which caused the chassis to be bent. A new chassis was fabricated by a member in the Worcester area and the whole vehicle has now been overhauled with a smart coat of maroon paint being added as a finishing touch.
In this photo the SDR’s other operational Wickham (belonging to the Glendower Locomotive group) is seen on its traditionally constructed lineside run-off. The SDR has a third Wickham owned by the London Group of the South Devon Railway Association and which is currently undergoing major overhaul.
All three have the Ford E93A side valve four cylinder engines similar to the Ford Anglia car 100E engines driving through standard three speed gearboxes to a final chain drive transfer gearbox which includes the forward and reverse selection. The two working examples are running on unleaded petrol with octane booster fuel additive.
In early DVR days the line boasted several of the older Wickhams with two cylinder JAP engines and friction drive via a large flywheel. Although the chassis and superstructure of one of these survives the engine has long since gone.
The London Group have also preserved a modern version of the JAP ganger’s trolley which is powered by a single cylinder Bernard petrol engine.  This has an alternator and battery start but can be started by hand.  It was purchased as scrap and so went to Kent for restoration but the change of operator for the Ashburton branch has pushed its usefulness down the stack because we now have access to diesel locomotives.  The trolley was moved to Norfolk in 2003 and has been restored following sponsorship from its name sake; Bernard Wickham.  For the story so far click here.

WLS Wickham Motor Trolley (Ford 4cyl Side valve Petrol)Photo ©SDRA Collection
Glendower Group Wickham Motor Trolley (Ford 4cyl Side valve Petrol)Photo ©SDRA Collection
Archive picture of London Group Wickham - Note "slam" doorsPhoto ©SDRA Collection
The London Group's Bernard Wickham (Feature)Photo ©SDRA Collection

As part of the 2011 Heritage Transport Gala there was a Pway demonstration so all three operational Wickham trollies were taken in convoy to Staverton together with part of the road railer.

3 Wickhams at Hood Bridge
3 Wickhams at Hood Bridge
Wickham convoy at Hood Bridge 04th September 2011Photo ©A. Cash 2011

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