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Steam Locomotives

The South Devon Railway has an interesting collection of both steam and diesel locomotives. The bias is towards former Great Western engines but there is also a healthy cross section of former industrial locomotives and also one broad gauge engine on loan from the National Railway Museum. Not all the engines are on the railway at once - some are out on hire from time to time to other railways and some are away being rebuilt under contract. Visiting engines may appear from time to time. Summary of Fleet

DieselLocomotives and Multiple Units.

The South Devon Railway has a small fleet of diesels which are used to provide power for works trains, shunting, extra trains at off peak times and emergency back-up. The largest locomotive is the Class 50 Diesel D50002 and the smallest a 150 h.p. Fowler diesel mechanical.

Builder   Type   Number Name Location 2017
GWR 0-6-0T 1369   Buckfastleigh*
– ditto – 0-4-2T 1420   Buckfastleigh
– do – 0-6-0 3205   Buckfastleigh
– do – 2-6-2T 4160   Buckfastleigh
– do – 2-6-2T 5526   Buckfastleigh*
– do – 2-6-2T 5542   Buckfastleigh
– do – 0-6-0T 5786
– do – 0-6-0T 6412   Bodmin & Wenford*
– do – 0-6-0T 6430   Gwilli*
0-6-0T Glendower Buckfastleigh
Peckett 0-4-0T 1 Ashley Buckfastleigh
0-4-0T 1690 Lady Angela Buckfastleigh
Kitson 0-6-0 5474 Carnarvon Buckfastleigh
4'6" Gauge 0-4-0ST 784 Lee Moor No 2 Buckfastleigh
7'0¼" Broad gauge
0-4-0 151 'Tiny' Buckfastleigh
             * Denotes Servicable and In Traffic
Internal Combustion
Builder - Propulsion Method Class Type Number
English Electric - Diesel Electric Class 50 Co Co 50002
B.R.C.W. Sulzer Diesel Electric Class 33 Bo Bo 33002
English Electric - Diesel Electric Class 09  0-6-0  (09 010)
Ruston - Diesel Hydraulic   0-4-0 "Dusty"
Yorkshire Engine 
Diesel Electric
  0-6-0 L052
Fowler - Diesel Mechanical   0-4-0 MFP 4
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn - Diesel Mechanical Class 04 0-6-0 11216 (D2246)
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn - Diesel Mechanical Class 04 0-6-0 D2271
Owner: 5542 Ltd
English Electric - Diesel Electric Class 37 Co Co 37037
"Loch Treig"
Diesel Mechanical Unit (Leyland Engines) Class 121 Single Unit W55000
BR Crewe 1966 Class 25 Bo Bo D7535
BR Crewe 1966 Class 25 Bo Bo D7541
BR Crewe 1966 Class 25 Bo Bo D7612
Plasser & Theurer 07 07 DR73274
Plasser & Theurer TRAMM TRAMM DR98210
Liebherr RoadRailer RoadRailer
Wickham Herts - Petrol Mechanical   2-2-0 Ganger's Trolley "London Grp"
Ford Engine
Wickham Herts - Petrol Mechanical   2-2-0 Ganger's Trolley "London Grp" Bernard Engine 11717
Wickham Herts - Petrol Mechanical   2-2-0 Ganger's Trolley PWM3767 "WLS"
Wickham Herts - Petrol Mechanical   2-2-0 Ganger's Trolley "Glendower Grp"
SDR Tamper   SDR Tamper  


The South Devon Railway has at least 29 passenger carrying vehicles or full brakes making a representative cross section of former BR and Great Western vehicles. These vehicles have been obtained with the aim of providing the following sets in due course as they are gradually returned to working condition.

  1. Crimson and Cream Mark I set.
  2. Chocolate and Cream Mark I set.
  3. Great Western set.
  4. Auto Train.
  5. Victorian set for special occasions.
  6. Dining Train
ex-BR Mark I
Type Number(s) Comments
RB 1917 ( 24 seats – Kitchen removed to make space for wheelchairs)
TSO 4496,4962 (64 seats)
SO 4785,4805 (48 seats – 4805 restored from 36 seat RMB to normal SO)
4805 currently out of service
CK 15644 (42 seats) Currently out of service
CK 16071 (42 seats) Currently out of service
BSK 34945 (32 seats) Currently out of service
BSK 35326 (32 seats) (Kitchen built into former luggage area)
BS 43147 (72 seats) (Disabled area built into former luggage area)
On hire to Helston Railway, Cornwall
Former Great Western Railway
Type Number Comments
Super Saloons 9111,9116 "King George"(28 seats) "Duchess of York"
Parcels Train Brake Van 276 1945 built K42 full brake luggage van converted 1947 to Parcels Train Brake Van (currently in Chocolate & Cream GWR ‘Shirt button’ livery)
TSO 1285, 1295 Excursion open with 64 seats and art deco interior
BTK 1645 Collett "Sunshine" Brake Third built 1938 under lot 1594 to diagram D127
BCK 6515 Currently out of use. (converted to open seating for 47 plus up to eight wheelchairs, plus baggage area)
BCK 7377 1st/3rd Hawksworth Brake used on Royal Train
BTK: 2180 Ex BR(W) Third Brake with 32 seats – being rebuilt as 18 seat RMB plus wheelchairs )
Ex BR(W) Auto Trailer W225,W228 (64 seats)
Ex BR(W) Auto Trailer W233 Built as 64 seats but since converted to include wheelchair space. Owner: 5542 Ltd
Ex BR(W) Auto Trailer W240 Built as 64 seats but since converted engineering use; now out of use
Saloon 8249 (ex-GWR Directors saloon and Queen Victoria's Royal Train 1897)
Picnic Coach 9346 Two compartment picnic coach built 1896
Dynamometer Carriage 7 (now used as saloon carriage)
Monster 594 Large van designed for moving stage scenery
(Brown Vehicle)
Syphon "G" W1316 Bogie Goods Wagon for the rapid carriage of milk churns (Brown Vehicle)
Other Vehicles
Type Number Comments
9740 Ex-DMU Trailer Third (106 seats):
(Converted to café at Staverton)
BR CCT W94556 Covered Car Transporter
BR CCT M94852 Covered Car Transporter
Monmouth Railway Composite: 484 (built 1848 -body only, displayed on old four wheel wagon chassis.)


The South Devon Railway has built up an interesting cross section of old freight wagons during recent years. The emphasis is on former Great Western vehicles but there are also a few from other pre-nationalisation companies plus newer B.R. vehicles and the usual utility vehicles that are needed to run and maintain a railway. The railway has a use for virtually all its goods vehicles even if for some it is just to form part of a vintage photographic freight train.

Maker Number Description and Notes
GWR 86582 Open "C"
GWR 610 Hand Crane
GWR 63078 5 Plank open wagon
GWR 108207 5 Plank open wagon
GWR 95979 (PLA A73) 'Mink A'Box Van currently as PLA A73
GWR 96835 'Mink A'Box Van
GWR 104700 'Mink B'Box Van
GWR 16295 'Mink B'Box Van
GWR 59119 Iron Mink (numbered 47528 at present)
GWR 2016 Milk Tank
GWR 3037 Milk Tank
GWR 7303 Tar Wagon
GWR 42223 'Damo B'
GWR 126359 12t Motor Car Van 'Mogo'
GWR 17295 Toad Brake Van
GWR 35420 Toad Brake Van
GWR 68777 Toad Brake Van
GWR 68786 Toad Brake Van
GWR 92035 'Fruit D'
GWR 92067 'Fruit D'
GWR 41873 Shunters Truck
GWR 100715 'T13' Sleeper Wagon
GWR DW 146 Tool Van
LMS 506327 Box Van
LMS 460370 13 Ton "1" Plank PWay Wagon
LMS 513212 Box Van
LMS 753100 Box Van
LMS 27258 Petrol Tanker ('National Benzole')
LNER 263278 Lowmac
LNER 230935 Lowmac
BR 889009 Ferry Wagon (now 151 barrier vehicle)
BR 889015 Ferry Wagon (now 151 barrier vehicle)
BR 766158 Box Van
BR 778436 Box Van
BR 786393 Box Van
BR MOD 4122 Shocvan
BR 070863 Bogie Bolster
BR 909069 Rectank
BR 908054 Rectank
BR 993247 Dogfish
BR 993247 Dogfish
BR 993471 Dogfish
BR 9993263 Dogfish
BR 984176 Grampus
BR 984872 Grampus
BR 743010 Clay Hood
BR 741574 Tube Wagon
BR DE301577 Tube Wagon (Chassis used for Picnic Coach 9436)
BR 950344 Brake Van
BR 953640 Brake Van
BR 993710 'Shark' Brake Van
BR 550179 16t Mineral Wagon
BR 592433 16t Mineral Wagon
  1140 (59408) 6-Plank Open Wagon PBA
  Cement Flat 8 Purfleet Cement Flat Number 8
  Cement Flat 37 Purfleet Cement Flat Number 37
ROD ADW91 Ex ROD Tender, now Sludge Tank
  No 44 Lee Moor Wagon Number 44
  Wickham 11718 Wickham Flat Trailer - originally 3'6" gauge
  Wickham "JAP" Former "JAP" Engined Trolley
  Wickham Flat Former Motor Trolley converted to flat
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