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GWR 0-6-0PT Locomotive 6412
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6412 at Gloucester Central
6412 at Gloucester Central in the 1960's on a Gloucester to Chalford autotrain.
6412 at Stroud
6412 at Stroud
6412 at Stroud in the 1960's on a Gloucester to Chalford autotrain.
6412 at Chalford
6412 probably at Chalford since it's on a Gloucester to Chalford autotrain.
Photographs © George de la Mare

6412 at the WSR
The smokebox tubeplate doesn't look too bad
6412 at the WSR
This is a general view of the boiler
6412 at the WSR
An unusual view of the firebox, or at least, what remains!

The South Devon Railway has been successful in its bid to purchase former GWR locomotives more suited to a quiet branch line but capable of handling the larger trains of a successful preserved railway with the recent acquisition of 0-6-0PT 6412.

6412 is one of the 64xx class of locomotives purchased directly from British Railways by the Dart Valley Railway in 1962 so it never went to near a scrap yard!

Above are a collection of pictures shewing the extent of the boiler works that are required to return this engine to steam.

Update 04th July 2009

The replacement backhead has arrived in Devon along with the blank side side wrappers.

6412 replacement backhead
The replacement backhead & wrappers prior to drilling the stays etc.
Photo © Peter Clemo 2009.

Update 04th October 2010

6412 boiler repair
6412 boiler repair
RK Pridhams boilersmiths work on 6412’s bolier.Photos © RJ Elliott 2010

With the completion of the purchase of RK Pridham Engineering, the transfer to Buckfastleigh of all the machinery, equipment and the skilled staff, the first job allocated to the new team is to make a start on the overhaul of the boiler for 6412, pending the completion of the new boiler works.
The boiler had been stripped for inspection and it was known to be in need of major plate replacement so what better challenge for the boys from Pridham’s!
The pictures show two of the new outer firebox plates already bolted in place - rivetting comes later. On the ground is the new pressing for the backhead, which had already been formed at the Pridham’s Tavistock works.

Update 20th October 2011

6412 boiler repair
SDRE boilersmiths rivet the new firebox wrappers onto 6412's bolier.Photo © RJ Elliott 2011
6412 chassis rewheeled
SDRE returns 6412 to its overhauled wheels and axle boxes.Photo © R LeChevalier 2011

6412’s chassis has received extensive repairs including a new axlebox horn and the wheels have been retyred.  In October 2011 the chassis was rewheeled so it could be moved to make way for a comprehensive winter works programme that will see the overhaul of 5542 and 5786.

Update 11th November 2013

6412 Ray Taylor
6412 Dave Cooper
 Photo © J. Brodribb 2013

Work continues on GWR 0-6-0PT 6412.  The photographs above taken from opposite ends: Ray Taylor tests the reverser (top) from behind the newly-fitted spectacle plate, while Dave Cooper works on the motion.

Update 19th February 2014

6412 tube plate
The new tube plate - literally “one we made earlier”
6412 less tube plate 6412 less tube plate
The boiler without smokebox, front tube plate or, indeed, barrel !
Photo © J. Brodribb 2013

During the works on 6412’s boiler it has been found that the front portion of the barrel and front tubeplate are worn out so both are to be replaced. The final outcome will be that although the locomotive will be back in traffic a little later than initially hoped the life of the boiler should be very much greater than if this work had not been undertaken. The photos show the boiler barrel minus tubeplate and smokebox, and the new tubeplate ready to go in.
Due to the Great Western Railway’s policy of standardisation the front tube plate is the same for other boilers so SDRE have been able to use one they had in stock.  The smokebox is also in stock ready for the new barrel which is due in Devon in the next few weeks.

Update 19th February 2014

The new boiler tubes stand ready for fitting
The boiler almost ready for the new tubes
Will Friend and Tony Wilson fit the last two rivets
The last two rivets
helps with the cab reassembly
Peter Bowden prepares to expand a tube
Tony Wilson prepares the boiler hold down plate
The tube ends are beaded over in the firebox ... and at the other end the tubes are trimed ready
The boiler is readied for hydraulic tested
The first fire for many years is lit in the firebox for the boiler steam test
Ray Lee and Dean Woodward fix the smokebox to the boiler and 6412
The new chimney - upside down !
Photo © J. Brodribb 2014
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